#25 Learn how to code

There was an old MS DOS computer in our house when I was young. I learnt QBasic and was amazed when I figured out how to create colours and animations on a screen. While my coding ability is really weak, I respect coding and should learn it - as it is the future of every industry.

#23 Unfriend people

Dunbar’s theory suggests that humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships. If you realise you have little in common with someone, particularly if you try to maintain the friendship, walk away. Less stress.

#22 Read

My Mum always encouraged me to read. As a teenager, I always ignored her. I regret that, but I have made up for it in my twenties by reading books, short stories or articles to educate and inspire.

#20 Be mindful

Meditation or mindfulness is nothing new and I’ve been guilty of jumping on the latest trend, but since spending 15 minutes a day meditating, I can safely say I am more mindful in my every day life. I have more focus on the task at hand and more considerate of my actions. Being mindful of the here and now reduces my anxiety for the future and possible regret of the past.

#19 Offer your support

Being generous costs very little and there’s nothing better than helping someone out. Whether it is business or social it helps build on the relationship and more than likely the person will return the favour.

#18 Honesty wins out

In contrast, honesty always wins. You will get caught out. The world is becoming more open with information and people are becoming more connected, that I believe being honest is the best solution. Whether you are telling the hard truth or complimenting someone, honesty tends to be more attractive than deceit.

#17 Blag

Blagging is great fun. Getting into a gig that your not really on the guest list for, convincing the security guy that your pass is waiting for you inside or being confident to persuade a client. Blagging is good in measures, otherwise you become a constant chanced, and everyone should try it now and again.